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6 results for turkeys. Prices Effective Until Jul 24.
Artisan collection turkey breast roast or roasted chicken view$2.89 /100 gMetro
Pc® chicken or turkey deli meat pre-packaged, selected varieties
175 g
see page 8
$4.99 Independent
Pc® blue menu® turkey bacon-style 375 g
or pc® wiltshire bacon rashers
250 g

500 pts see page 2
$5.49 Independent
Free from® raised without the use of antibiotics

raised without the use of hormones*
(*all chicken , turkey and pork is raised
without the use of hormones) see page 3
$5.98 Superstore
Pc® blue menu® turkey breast, scallopine or fillets fresh air chilled, boneless skinless see page 2$8.99 lb / 19.82/kgIndependent
Butterball turkey burger view$8.99 ea.Metro