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Champignons selection 284 ml, voir variétés en magasin

selection mushrooms see page 3
99 ¢ Super CUntil Jul 23
Portabella mushroom caps view$1.97 6-oz. packWalmartUntil Jul 24
Compliments whole or sliced white mushrooms product of ontario, 227 g see page 22/$4 FoodlandUntil Jul 24
Sliced mushrooms view2/$4MetroUntil Jul 24
Pc® organics white or cremini mushrooms product of ontario
227 g see page 7
2/$5 or $2.50 ea.IndependentUntil Jul 24
Sauté-ready mushrooms viewSALE $3.99M & M Meat ShopsUntil Jul 24
Mushroom prosciutto lasagna lasagna sheets layered with prosciutto, filled with ricotta cheese, roasted mushrooms and truffle oil, and topped with béchamel sauce and parmesan & romano cheeses.

try our store pack lasagna rolls.
starting from $4.49 see page 3
$10.99 IndependentUntil Jul 24