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Campbell's condensed soup tomato, vegetable, cream of mushroom or chicken noodle 284 ml see page 32/$1 or 50¢ ea.LoblawsUntil Nov 6
Campbell's soup chicken noodle, cream of mushroom, vegetable or tomato 284ml or mr. noodles chicken or beef bowls 110g view$0.79RexallUntil Nov 6
Irresistibles life smart mushrooms, selection canned vegetables or selection beans or pasta selected sizes, selected varieties view99¢ ea.MetroUntil Nov 6
454g whole white mushrooms #6 viewyour pick $2Giant TigerUntil Nov 4
Pc® white or cremini mushrooms whole or sliced product of ontario 227 g see page 72/$4 or $2 ea.LoblawsUntil Nov 6
Sauté blend mushrooms 227 g product of ontario view$2.99 ea.MetroUntil Nov 6
White mushrooms 454 g or stuffing mushrooms 397 g, product of ontario see page 4$3.49 FoodlandUntil Nov 6
Gatehouse satin nickel passage mushroom knob viewnow $9.99Lowe'sUntil Nov 5