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Always pads 14 - 24's or liners 30 - 60's or tampax tampons 20's selected varieties / serviettes ou protège-dessous ou tampons see page 5$2.88
Arizona lemon or green tea 24 x 340 ml selected varieties / thé au citron ou thé vert see page 6$3.88
Bagels or old mill english muffins 340-342 g selected varieties / bagels ou muffins anglais see page 3$0.88
Bartlett pears product of u.s.a., fancy grade or bosc pears product of ontario, canada extra fancy grade or usa, extra fancy grade / poires see page 3$0.88 lb /$1.94/kg
Becel margarine 680/907 g selected varieties / margarine see page 4$3.88
Boneless pork loin combo chop 300 g / côtelettes de longe de porc désossées see page 2$3.88 ea
Boneless stewing beef 375 g / bœuf à ragoût désossé see page 2$5.88 ea
Butcher choice® sausages selected varieties / saucisses see page 2$2.88 lb / $6.35/kg
Chapmans frozen yogurt or sorbet 2 l or pc® fruit 400/600 g selected varieties, frozen / yogourt glacé ou fruits surgelés see page 4$2.88
Chapmans super novelties 8-18's selected varieties, frozen / friandises glacées see page 6$2.88
Dan-d-pak cashews 908 g selected varieties / noix de cajou see page 4$10.88
Danone silhouette 16 x 100 g or activia 12 x 100 g or danactive 8 x 93 ml yogurt selected varieties / yogourt see page 4$4.88
Dare bear paws cookies or cookie chips 170 - 300 g or mrs. fields cookies 227 - 269 g selected varieties / biscuits see page 6$1.88
Del monte fruit 398 ml selected varieties / fruits see page 6$0.88
Diana sauce or marinades 375/500 ml or vlasic pickles 1l selected varieties / sauce ou marinade ou cornichons see page 5$1.88
Dole salad kits 142 g product of u.s.a., selected varieties / mélanges de salade see page 3$1.88 ea.
Doritos chips 235/245 g lay's chips 255 g or smartfood snacks 170/220 g selected varieties / croustilles ou maïs soufflé see page 1$1.88 ea.
Dove bar soap 2 x 90 g or lever 2000 bar soap 4 x 89 g selected varieties / pain de savon see page 12/$2.88 or $1.44 ea.
Farmers market™ homestyle butter tarts or muffins 6's selected varieties / tartelettes au beurre ou muffins see page 3$2.88
Farmers market™ white potatoes, carrots or yellow cooking onions 10 lb bag product of ontario, canada no. 1 grade / pommes de terre ou carottes ou oignons see page 33/$4.88 or $1.62 ea.
Friskies dry cat food 1.4/1.5 kg or no name® cat litter 7kg selected varieties / nourriture pour chat ou litière see page 5$3.88
Fruité drink or tetley iced tea 2 l selected varieties / boisson ou thé glacé see page 4$0.88
Gallo extra virgin olive oil 750 ml selected varieties / huile d'olive extra vierge see page 5$2.88
Garden wafers 200 g / gaufrettes see page 4$0.88
Gold seal light or flavored tuna 85/170 g selected varieties / thon see page 4$0.88
Halal fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts hma certified / poitrines de poulet désossées sans peau see page 2$5.88 lb / $12.96/kg
High liner fish fillets, sticks or fries 350 - 700 g selected varieties, frozen / filets, bâtonnets ou frites de poisson see page 62/$6.88 or $3.44 ea.
High liner market cut loins 227 g selected varieties, frozen / longes de poisson see page 2$2.88
High liner wild pacific salmon fillets cryovac pkg., frozen / filets de saumon sauvage du pacifique see page 2$5.88 lb / $12.96/kg
Knorr side kicks or soup mix 40-162 g or lipton soup mix 58-166 g selected varieties / plats d'accompagnement ou mélange à soupe see page 53/$2.88 or 96¢ ea.
Lean ground beef big pack!™ / bœuf haché maigre see page 1$2.88 lb / $6.35/kg
Maple leaf bacon or smithfield bacon 375 g selected varieties / bacon see page 2$3.88 ea
Michelinas entrées 128 - 284 g selected varieties, frozen / plats cuisinés see page 4$0.88
Mini seedless watermelon 5 lb average product of u.s.a. / mini-melon d'eau see page 3$2.88 ea.
Nature valley granola bars, dunkaroos, gushers or betty crocker fruit snacks 130 - 226 g selected varieties / barres tendres ou collations aux fruits ou collations see page 6$1.88
Naval oranges product of south africa / oranges see page 3$0.88 lb /$1.94/kg
Nofrills customer relations 1-866-98-smile (76453) or see page 6$0.88
Olay bar soap 4 x 90 g, body wash 354 ml or ivory bar soap 10 x 90 g or body wash 709 ml selected varieties / pain de savon ou nettoyant pour le corps see page 5$2.88
Old el paso taco kits 227 - 510 g or salsa 650 ml frank's red hot sauce 354 ml selected varieties / trousses à taco ou salsa ou sauce see page 5$2.88
Palmolive dish soap 1.1 l selected varieties / savon à vaisselle see page 4$1.88
Pillers flavoured chicken breast 175 g or shaved ham 200 g selected varieties / poitrine de poulet ou jambon émincé see page 2$2.88
Pillsbury dough 265 - 468 g or jell-o desserts 4's or 6's selected varieties / pâte ou dessert see page 4$1.88
Planters seasoned dry roasted peanuts 300 g / arachides grillées see page 5$1.88
Powerade ion 4 sports drinks 6 x 591 ml selected varieties / boissons désaltérantes see page 5$2.88
Q-tips 500's, dove baby wash 440 ml or vaseline petroleum jelly 375 g selected varieties / coton-tige ou nettoyant pour bébé ou gelée de pétrole see page 5$2.88
Real canadian natural spring water 15 x 500 ml selected varieties / eau de source naturelle see page 1$0.88
Red horse premium jasmine rice 8 kg / riz au jasmin see page 4$8.88
Red mangoes product of brazil or avocados product of mexico / mangues rouges ou avocats see page 3$0.88 ea.
Reya naan or roti 500 g selected varieties / naan ou roti see page 32/$2.88 or $1.44/ea
Saputo cheese slices 90/100 g selected varieties / tranches de fromage see page 2$1.88
Schneiders juicy jumbos and grillems 375-450 g selected varieties / saucisses fumées see page 2$2.88 ea
Simply orange juice 2.63 l selected varieties / jus d'orange see page 5$3.88
88s sale see page 6$0.88
Star breeze jar candle 11 oz available scents: vanilla créme brûle, banana nut bread or apple crumb cake / chandelle see page 5$2.88
Stouffers bistro 170 - 256 g selected varieties, frozen / plats cuisinés see page 42/$3.88 or $1.94 ea.
Sunsilk hair care 355 ml, colgate or crest base toothpaste 100 ml or oral b or colgate manual toothbrush selected varieties / soins capillaires ou dentifrice ou brosse à dents see page 5$0.88
Thomas cinnamon raisin bread 675 g / pàin à raisins et cannelle see page 3$1.88
T&t coconut milk 398 ml / lait de noix de coco see page 4$0.88
Wonder+ bread 675 g, hot dog or hamburger buns 8's selected varieties / pain ou pains à hot dog ou hamburger see page 1$1.88
Wont be beat® if you find a cheaper price, simply show us and we will match.* see page 6$0.88