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Alcan foil wrap 25' or glad plastic wrap cling 30 m selected varieties / papier d'aluminium ou pellicule plastique see page 2$1
Annettes sugar mini donuts 600 g or mini cupcakes 12's selected varieties / mini-beignes ou petits gâteaux see page 4$3.00
Armstrong cheese bars 500 g, kraft shredded cheese 300/340 g or saputo mozzarellissima bars 500 g selected varieties / fromage en barre ou fromage râpé see page 3$5.97
Becel margarine 227/454 g or black diamond cheese slices 500 g selected varieties / margarine ou tranches de fromage see page 3$2.47
Boneless beef cross rib roast, pork sirloin roast, boneless pork loin steak or beef rib eye steak 290 - 480 g / rôti de boeuf de côtes croisées désossé, rôti de surlonge de porc, bifteck de longe de porc désossé ou bifteck to faux-filet de boeuf see page 4$6.00
Butchers choice® sausages selected varieties / saucisses see page 6$3.27 /lb / $7.21 /kg
Campbells broth 900 ml or campbell's chunky soup 420/540 ml selected varieties / bouillon ou soupe see page 3$1.88
Chestnuts product of italy / châtaignes see page 6$3.97 lb / $8.75 /kg
Ciabatta sticks 6's or furlani garlic texas toast, frozen 240 g selected varieties / bâtonnets ciabatta ou pain see page 4$2.00
Clementines 2.3 kg product of spain or morocco 5 lb box / clémentines see page 6$3.97
Cobblestone pork back ribs 680 g selected varieties, frozen / côtes de dos de porc see page 1$4.97
Coca-cola or pepsi soft drinks 2 l selected varieties / boissons gazeuses see page 5$1
Colgate toothpaste 100 ml or manual toothbrush selected varieties / dentifrice ou brosse à dents see page 3$0.97
5 count avocados product fo mexico / avocats see page 6$2.95
Country harvest bread 675 g or wonder hot dog or hamburger buns 12's selected varieties / pain ou pains hot dog ou hamburger see page 6$1.97
Danone activia yogurt 650 g selected varieties / yogourt see page 2$3
Dawn ultra dishwashing detergent 591-709 ml, lysol toilet bowl cleaner 710 ml or lysol disinfecting wipes 35's selected varieties / savon à vaisselle ou nettoyant à cuvette ou lingettes désinfectantes see page 3$1.97
Dentyne, trident or clorets gum 3/4 selected varieties / gomme see page 2$2
Dove 4 x 90 g bar soap or body wash 300 - 400 ml selected varieties / pain de savon ou nettoyant pour le corps see page 5$3
Dr. oetker panebello, ristorante or casa di mama pizza 325 - 450 g selected varieties, frozen / pizza see page 1$2.77
Eye of round steak big pack!™, cut from canada aa grade beef or higher or usda select grade beef or higher / bifteck de noix de ronde see page 4$5.97 lb / $13.16/kg
Fresh chicken wings bagged / ailes de poulet see page 4$3.27 lb / $7.21/kg
Friskies wet cat food 156 g selected varieties / nourriture pour chat see page 32/$1.00 or 50¢ ea.
General mills cereal 260-500 g selected varieties / céréales see page 3$2.97
Grace corned beef 340 g selected varieties / bœuf salé see page 3$2.98
Halal lean ground beef bœuf haché maigre see page 6$4.97 lb / $10.96 /kg
Healthy choice or vh steamers entrées 276 - 306 g selected varieties, frozen / plats cuisinés see page 3$2.97
High liner iqf fillets 400/454 g frozen / filets see page 6$5.97
High liner seasoned breaded fish fillets 300 g or captain's crew fish strips or nuggets 270 g selected varieties, frozen / filets de poisson ou lanières ou pépites de poisson see page 2$2
Holiday luncheon meat 340 g / viande see page 2$1
Humpty dumpty snacks 285/310 g, lay's or double dutch chips 180/235 g cheetos 285/310 g or munchies 250/300 g selected varieties / grignotines ou croustilles see page 2$2
International delight coffee whitener 473 ml or baileys coffee cream 400 ml selected varieties / colorant à café see page 5$2
Kelloggs nutri-grain 175/295 g, pop tarts 400 g or rice krispies squares 200 g selected varieties / carrés ou tartelettes ou barres see page 3$1.97
Lactantia butter 454 g selected varieties / beurre see page 1$2.97
Look for the big pack!™ 25% cheaper* per kilogram than our regular tray prices *excludes items on sale see page 4$0.97
Lunchmate kits or stackers 70 - 132 g selected varieties / trousses-repas schneiders see page 6$1.97
Maxwell house instant coffee 150/200 g or maxwell house ground coffee 311/326 g selected varieties / café instantané ou café moulu see page 3$2.47
M.y. san skyflakes crackers 850 g / craquelins see page 3$3.48
Nestlé multipack chocolate 4 pack selected varieties / chocolat see page 3$2.97
Nofrills customer relations 1-866-98-smile (76453) or see page 65/$3
Old el paso taco kits 227 - 510 g or salsa 650 ml selected varieties / trousse à taco ou salsa see page 5$3
Old mill pie 8 inch or farmer's market™ cookies 12's selected varieties / tarte ou biscuits see page 4$3.00
Pampers or huggies giant pack diapers 76-156 selected varieties, sizes 1-6 / couches see page 3$26.97
Patty king patties or mini patties 432-780 g selected varieties frozen / pâtés ou mini pâtés see page 5$3
Pc® hummus or dips or yucatan organic guacamole 454g selected varieties / hummus ou trempettes ou guacamole see page 4$5.00
Pepperidge farm goldfish, cracker chips 150-227 g or special k crackers 113/127 g / craquelins see page 2$2
Perrier or san pellegrino carbonated water 750 ml/1l selected varieties / eau gazéifiée see page 2$1
Planters cashews 225 g selected varieties / noix de cajou see page 2$3
Pomegranates product of u.s.a. / grenades see page 6$0.97 ea.
Pub platter pack or mini bagels 880 g/1.02 kg selected varieties, frozen / mini-bagels see page 4$10.00
Rooster brand coconut milk 398 ml selected varieties / lait de noix de coco see page 3$0.88
Royal gala apples product of ontario, canada extra fancy grade / pommes see page 6$0.87 lb / $1.92 /kg
Schneiders chicken wings or mina halal wings 790 g selected varieties, frozen / ailes de poulet see page 1$4.97
Seaquest® crab or lobster flavoured pollock 227 g ready to eat, selected varieties / goberge aromatisé see page 6$1.97
Seasoned boneless skinless chicken breasts individually quick frozen / poitrines de poulet désossées sans peau, assaisonnées see page 6$2.77 lb / $6.10 /kg
Silani grated parmesan, cherry bocconcini or omega 3 ricotta, silani cheese slices or balderson cheese 2 x 300 g/260-450 g refrigerated, twin pack, selected varieties / parmesan râpé ou bocconcini ou ricotta ou tranches de fromage ou fromage see page 4$5.00
Softsoap hand soap 225/236 ml or refill 828 ml zest body wash 532 ml or bar soap 6x90 g selected varieties / savon à mains ou recharge ou nettoyant pour le corps ou pain de savon see page 3$1.97
T&t jasmine rice 8.18 kg / riz au jasmin see page 3$9.88
Unico pasta 700/900 g, pasta sauce 680 ml, beans or tomatoes 796 ml selected varieties / pâtes ou sauce pour pâtes ou légumineuses ou tomates see page 3$0.97
Unico solid light tuna 198 g in oil / thon see page 2$1
Unico vegetable oil 2 l / huile végétale see page 5$3
Wild pink salmon, basa or sole fillets 908 g -1.36 kg frozen / filets de saumon rose sauvage, de pangasus ou de sole see page 4$10.00
Wonder bread 675 g selected varieties / pain see page 13/$5.00 or $1.67 ea.
Wonder+ english muffins 6's or old mill bagels 6's selected varieties / muffins anglais ou bagels see page 6$1.27
Yoplait minigo fresh cheese probiotics 6 x 60 g selected varieties / fromage frais avec probiotiques see page 2$2
Yoplait source 650 g or tubes 8 x 60 g yogurt / yogourt see page 5$2
Yoplait yop drinkable yogurt 200 ml selected varieties / yogourt à boire see page 55/$3 or 60¢ ea
Ziggys® sliced deli meat 300 g assorted varieties / charcuteries see page 4$5.00