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71 results from No Frills. Prices Effective Until Jul 31.
Brunswick sardines 106 g selected varieties / sardines see page 64 for $3.00 or 75¢ ea.
Carnation evaporated milk 370 ml selected varieties / lait évaporé see page 64 for $5.00 or $1.25 ea.
Cauliflower product of ontario, canada no. 1 grade / chou-fleur see page 3$2 ea
Chocomax granola bars 192 g selected varieties / barres granola see page 52 for $3 or 1.50 ea.
Crest premium 85 - 130 ml toothpaste or oral b manual toothbrush selected varieties and sizes / dentifrice ou brosse à dents see page 4$2
Dare cookies or breton crackers 125 - 350 g selected varieties / biscuits ou craquelins see page 52 for $3 or 1.50 ea.
Dentyne or trident multi-pack gum 3/4 pack selected varieties / gomme see page 5$2
Diana sauce or marinades 375/500 ml selected varieties / sauce ou marinade see page 4$2
Dole salad blend kits 142 g selected varieties, product of u.s.a. / ensembles de mélanges de salade see page 3$2
Duncan hines cake or brownie mix 450 - 535 g selected varieties / mélange à gâteau ou brownie see page 5$1
Eggplant product of u.s.a. or baby eggplant product of u.s.a. or dominican republic / aubergine see page 3$0.97 lb / $2.14/kg
Eid mubarak see page 3$1
Farmer's market™ mini cucumbers product of ontario, canada no. 1 grade pkg of 6 / mini-concombres see page 3$1
Farmer's market™ muffins pkg of 6 selected varieties / muffins see page 2$3
Finish dishwasher tabs 10's, cleaner 250 ml, gel or powder 1.6/1.8 kg or jet dry 200/250 ml selected varieties / tablettes pour lave-vaisselle ou nettoyant gel ou poudre ou agent de rinçage see page 4$3
Fresh whole chicken tray pack, hma certified / poulet entier frais see page 3$2.00 lb / $4.41/kg
Friskies cat food 156 g selected varieties / nourriture pour chat see page 52 for $1 or 50¢ ea.
Frooti mango drink 1000 ml / boisson see page 3$0.87
Grace ackees 540 ml / aki see page 6$4.97
Grace coconut milk 400 ml / lait de noix de coco see page 6$0.97
Green coconut product of costa rica / noix de coco vertes see page 6$1.97 ea
Haldiram's snacks 150 g selected varieties / collations see page 3$0.87
High liner cod or haddock market cut loins 227 g or matlaw's stuffed clams or scallops 425 g frozen / poisson ou palourdes ou pétoncles see page 2$3
Hot hot hot caribbean prices see page 6$2
I can't believe it's not butter! 454 g non hydrogenated margarine, selected varieties / margarine see page 4$1
Jumbo papaya product of mexico or costa rica / papayes géantes see page 6$2.97 ea
Kellogg's cereal 340 - 670 g selected varieties / céréales see page 5$3
Knorr or lipton dry soup mix or cup-a-soup 40 - 117 g select varieties / mélanges à soupe déshydratés see page 4$1
Knorr sidekicks 111-163 g selected varieties / plats d'accompagnement see page 4$1
Kraft cracker barrel 300 g cheese bars, or amooza twists 252 g / fromage ou fromage tranché see page 5$3
Lantic granulated sugar 2 kg / sucre see page 12 for $3 or $1.50 ea.
Lunchmate grab ‘n snack 81 g selected varieties / collations see page 2$1
Lychee fruit product of china / litchi see page 3$2 lb / 4.41/kg
Lysol wipes 2 x 35's / lingettes see page 4$2
Maple leaf prime boneless skinless chicken breast portions 160 g fresh / portions de poitrines de poulet désossées sans peau see page 2$2
Marc angelo chicken breast souvlaki 120 g pkg of 2 / brochettes de poitrine de poulet see page 2$2
Mastro genoa, calabrese or soppressata salami 150/125 g or piller's sliced black forest or honey ham 200 g / salami de gênes, calabrese ou soppressata ou jambon tranché forêt noire ou miel see page 2$3
Minute maid punch, fruitopia, five alive, lemonade or iced tea 295 ml selected varieties, frozen / crème glacée see page 52 for $1 or 50¢ ea.
Nanak rasmalai dessert 1 kg / dessert see page 3$6.97
Neilson trutaste milk or lactantia purefiltered milk 1 l where available, selected varieties / lait see page 1$1
Nestle confectionary 400 ml selected varieties, frozen / crème glacée see page 5$1
Nestlé milo drink mix 400 g chocolate flavoured / mélange à boisson see page 6$3.97
Nofrills customer relations 1-866-98-smile (76453) or see page 6$2
No name® paper towels 12 rolls club pack® / essuie-tout see page 5$3
Nutrament energy drink 355 ml vanilla / boisson énergisante see page 6$1.97
Old mill bagels 6's or old mill hotdog or hamburger buns 8's selected varieties / bagels ou pains à hot-dog ou hamburger see page 2$1
Olivina extra virgin olive oil 1 l / huile d'olive extra-vierge see page 1$3
Ovaltine biscuits 150 g / biscuits see page 6$0.97
Parma halal or astro yogurt 650/750 g selected varieties / yogourt see page 3$1.67
Patty king patties 780 g or mini patties 432 g selected varieties, frozen / pâtés de bœuf see page 5$3
Pc® appletreet™ 6 x 100 ml selected varieties / purée de pomme see page 4$1
Pork side ribs cryovac package / côtes de flanc de porc see page 1$2 lb / $4.41/kg
Pringles potato chips 125/130 g selected varieties / croustilles see page 4$1
Quality heritage basmati rice 3.63 kg / riz basmati see page 3$6.77
Raspberries 170 g or 1 lb strawberries product of u.s.a., no. 1 grade / framboises ou fraises see page 3$2
Real canadian natural spring water 24 x 500 ml / eau de source naturelle see page 6$1.87
Renuzit air freshner 212 g or sos steel wool pads 10's selected varieties / assainisseur d'air ou tampons à récurer en acier see page 44 for $3 or 75¢ ea.
Schneider hot stuffs 200 g selected varieties, frozen / plats cuisinés see page 4$1
Schneiders juicy jumbos or grillems 375/450 g selected varieties / saucisses fumées see page 1$3
Schneider's oktoberfest sausages, mini sizzlers or steakettes 375/400 g selected varieties, frozen / saucisses ou mini-saucisses ou steakettes see page 2$3
Schweppes ginger ale, dr. pepper or crush rainbow pack 18 x 355 ml / boissons gazeuses see page 6$4.97
Seasoned beef rib-eye steak 198 g frozen, cryovac package / bifteck de faux-filet de bœuf assaisonné see page 2$3 ea
Shana naan or paratha 300/400 g selected varieties / naan see page 3$1.67
Sweet corn product of canada or u.s.a. / maïs sucré see page 14 for $1 or 25¢ ea.
The laughing cow cheese 133 g, saputo cheese slices 90/100 g or ziggy's® fresh filled pasta 350 g selected varieties / fromage ou tranches de fromage ou pâtes fraîches farcies see page 2$2
Vachon snack cakes or country harvest bread 202 - 675 g selected varieties / pain see page 2$2
White or whole wheat french loaf or soo good garlic bread 320 - 340 g selected varieties / baguette française ou pain à l'ail see page 2$1
Whole seedless watermelon product of u.s.a. 11 lb average / melon d'eau sans pépins see page 6$3.97 ea
Wont be beat® if you find a cheaper price, simply show us and we will match.* see page 6$2
Zabiha halal chicken wieners or bologna or maple lodge chicken wieners or bologna 375/450 g selected varieties / saucisses ou bologne de poulet see page 2$1
Zest bodywash 532 ml or bar soap 6 x 90 g selected varieties / nettoyant pour le corps ou pain de savon see page 5$2