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Armstrong cheese bars 500 g or kraft shredded cheese 340 g selected varieties / briques de fromage ou fromage râpé see page 2$5.77
Axe shower gel 473 ml body spray 113 g or antiperspirant 76/85 g or softsoap liquid hand soap refill 1.65 l selected varieties / gel de douche ou atomiseur pour le corps ou antisudorifique ou recharge de savon liquide à mains see page 2$3.97
Bananas product of equador / bananes see page 4$0.57 lb / $1.26/kg
Becel margarine 227g/454g or black diamond processed cheese slices 500 g selected varieties / margarine ou tranches de fromage fondu see page 3$2.47
Brars malai paneer 375 g selected varieties / paneer see page 3$2.97
Cadbury chocolate, old dutch potato chips 24's or kerr's fiesta pops 907 g / chocolat ou croustilles ou suçons see page 3$4.97 ea.
Carnation evaporated milk 370 ml selected varieties / lait évaporé see page 34/$5.00 or $1.25 ea.
Cauliflower product of ontario no 1 grade / chou-fleur see page 3$1.47 ea.
Cedar red kidney beans or chick peas 796 ml selected varieties / haricots rouges ou pois chiches see page 3$0.97
Coca-cola or pepsi soft drinks 18 x 355 ml selected varieties / boissons gazeuses see page 1$4.77
Cooked peeled shrimp or raw, shell on shrimp 56/65 count, 300 g frozen / crevettes crues ou crevettes cuites see page 4$5.47
Dawn or ivory ultra dishwashing detergent 591/709 ml, lysol toilet bowl cleaner purpose cleaner 710 ml or disinfecting wipes 35's selected varieties / détergent à vaisselle ou nettoyant pour cuvette ou tout usage ou lingettes désinfectantes see page 2$1.97
Duncan hines cake or brownie mix 450 - 535 g selected varieties / mélange à gâteau ou brownie see page 2$0.97
Farmers market™ cookies 456 g or annette's sugar mini donut 600 g selected varieties / biscuits ou mini-beignes see page 4$3.00
Fresh skinless chicken breasts bone-in, big pack!™ / poitrine de poulet sans peau avec os see page 4$3.97 lb / $8.75/kg
Frooti mango drink 1l or haldiram snack mix 150/160 g selected varieties / boisson ou collahons see page 3$0.87
Haldirams rasmalai 1 kg frozen / dessert see page 3$6.97
Hans dairy yogurt 750 g selected varieties / yogourt see page 3$1.67
Happy diwali shine bright with low prices see page 32/$5.00
Healthy choice or vh steamers entrées 276 g - 306 g selected varieties, frozen / plats cuisinés see page 2$2.97
Hersheys assorted chocolate 70 ct or jolly rancher lollipops 180 ct selected varieties / chocolat ou suçons see page 2$7.47
High liner cod, salmon, tilapia, haddock or sole fillet 400/454 g frozen / filets de morue, saumon, tilapia, aiglefin ou sole see page 4$5.97
Janes pub style chicken strips, nuggets or burgers or mina halal chicken strips or nuggets 800/840 g selected varieties, frozen / lanières ou pépites ou burgers de poulet see page 1$4.88
Look for the big pack™ 25% cheaper* per kilogram than our regular tray price *excludes items on sale see page 4$10.97
Mars chocolate variety 70 ct while quantites last / chocolat see page 1$5.97
Maxwell house instant coffee 150/200 g or maxwell house ground coffee 311/326 g / café instantané ou café moulu see page 3$2.47
Medium ground beef big pack!™ / bœuf haché mi-maigre see page 4$4.77 lb / $10.52/kg
Navel oranges product of south africa or farmer's market™ mcintosh apples product of canada, canada fancy grade 4 lb bag / oranges ou pommes see page 4$2.97
Nestlé chocolate bars 30 - 60 g selected varieties / barres de chocolat see page 2$0.67
Nestlé favourites chocolates 90 ct snack size / chocolat see page 2$12.97
Nofrills customer relations 1-866-98-smile (76453) or see page 4$10.97
Ocean spray 100% cranberry juice and cranberry cocktails 1.89 l selected varieties / jus à 100 % canneberges ou cocktail de canneberges see page 2$2.47
Old mill bagels 6's or golden mill bread 570 g selected varieties / bagel ou pain see page 42/$3.00 or $1.50 ea.
Olivieri twin pack fresh pasta or sauce 320 - 500 g or molinaro's party pizza 12" x 16" 950 - 1050 g selected varieties / emballage double de pâtes ou sauce ou pizza see page 4$5.00
Pampers baby wipes tubs 56 - 72's selected varieties / lingettes pour bébé see page 2$2.00
Peek freans, dads or dare ultimates cookies 256-350 g selected varieties / biscuits see page 2$1.97
Pork shoulder blade steak big pack!™ / tranche de palette d'épaule de porc see page 4$3.97 lb / $8.75/kg
Prima gattie peaches product of u.s.a, no. 1 grade / pêches see page 4$1.77 lb / $3.90/kg
Red onions 10 lb bag product of ontario, canada no.1 grade / oignons rouges see page 3$3.97
Regal rockets candy 50 ct / bonbons see page 22/$5.00 or $2.50 ea.
Rooster tofu 420 - 530 g selected varieties / tofu see page 4$0.98
Schneiders lunchmate kits or stackers 70 - 132 g selected varieties / trousses-repas see page 4$1.97
Sunlight liquid or powder laundry detergent 1.84 l/ 2.27 kg selected varieties / détergent à lessive liquide ou en poudre see page 1$2.97
Tilda basmati rice 4.54 kg / riz see page 3$10.97
Tomatoes on the vine product of ontario, canada no. 1 grade / tomates sur vigne see page 4$0.77 lb / $1.70/kg
Unico beans or tomatoes 796 ml, pasta sauce 680 ml or pasta 900 g selected varieties / tomates ou sauce pour pâtes ou pâtes see page 2$0.97
Whiskas temptations cat food 160-180 g or purina beggin' strips 170 g selected varieties / nourriture pour chat ou gâteries pour chien see page 22/$5.00 or $2.50 ea.
Wont be beat® if you find a cheaper price, simply show us and we will match.* see page 32/$5.00
Wont be beat® if you find a cheaper price, simply show us and we will match.* see page 2$2.97